USA Spec iPod Integration Kit for Honda

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Product Overview

Connect, control, charge, and play an iPod through your factory Honda or Acura Radio

Supports Pandora, Livio, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM Apps!


USA SPEC PA15-HON2 Features 


  • Connect, control, and charge  your iPod, iPhone, and iTouch from your car stereo.
    • Works with and charges iPhone 5 but must be used with Apple's lightening to 30-pin adapter.
    • Works with and charges iPhone (3G, 3Gs, 4, 4s), iPod Classic, Nano, and Touch.
    • Compatible with iOS 6.1.2.
    • Control from radio or steering wheel.
  • Displays album name, artist name, and song title  on radios that have a SAT  or XMbutton.
  • Retains CD changer, Rear Seat Entertainment/DVD, and Satellite radio functions and features.
  • Connect and play a 2nd audio device  through your car stereo.
    • You can connect an addition audio device such as DVD player, Satellite radio receiver, or MP3 player to the AUX INPUT on the interface. 
  • 3 different modes to control and play iPod: Direct Mode and Playlist Mode.
    • Folder Mode : access iPod's 4 folders namely, Artist, Album, Playlist, and Songs from the radio directly.
    • Playlist Mode : operate and control the iPod  like it is a CD changer. Access up to 6 Playlists from the radio.
    • Direct Mode :  search and select music on iPod just as you would in portable use.  This mode can be selected right from your radio. Complete access to all the contents on iPhone and iTouch. 
      • You can use Direct Mode to listen to music streamed through Pandora or SiriusXM Online.  
  • You can use radio controls to track up/down, fast forward/rewind, advance 10 tracks, and random play

All USA SPEC models have the option for easy access to Direct Mode right from your radio. Just select preset 5 or 6 for direct mode and then select PANDORA, LIVIO, SIRIUSXM right from your iPod

Sirius XM - Choose Direct Mode, select your SiriusXM iPhone app, and pick your favorite station. 
PANDORA – Choose Direct Mode, select your Pandora iPhone app, and pick your playlist! The radio or steering wheel controls allow users to skip forward to next song.  
LIVIO – Choose Direct Mode, select your LIVIO iPhone app, and pick your radio station! The radio or steering wheel controls skip through to next saved radio station. 

Additional Notes

  • PA15-HON2 is not compatible with 2010 models equipped with USB. 
  • 2003-2010 Element LX uses the PA11-HON 
  • Text display is available only on radios with SAT or XM buttons

Price installed is only $299 for kit! Optional cradles & cables may be needed for certain vehicle specifics

Warranty Information

One year manufacture's warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review