USA Spec Bluetooth Integration Kit for Honda

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Product Overview

Now you can drive with your favorite radio station or chat undisturbed with your passenger with your radio off.  You no longer have to worry “What if I get a call?”, the BT35-HON will automatically switch to Bluetooth mode when there’s an incoming call (even if your radio is off)!  The BT35-HON uses advanced technology to turn your radio on and switch to the correct source to help you never miss a call while driving again.

Whether you prefer using your Bluetooth device’s controls or the buttons on your radio or steering wheel, prepare to enter into a fully integrated driving experience.  Picture this: drive and answer/end phone calls using the track up/down buttons from the radio or steering wheel.  Keep your eyes on the road.  You can have the BT35-HON announce the caller’s phone number through your sound system.  The BT35-HON supports audio streaming that can be controlled from the buttons on the radio or steering wheel.

Warranty Information

One year manufacture's warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review