Mobridge M2 Most Connect Porsche

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Product Overview

mObridge Bluetooth is the most advanced after-market phone kit available for vehicles equipped with the MOST bus. Integrates Parrot® Bluetooth technology for best-in-class phone support. And best of all it seamlessly integrates with your existing vehicle radio and steering wheel controls for a factory-fitted effect.

The mObridge M2 Connect platform is the second generation mObridge MOST Bluetooth Interface that builds on the popular first generation M1000-M-BT product and is by far the most advanced after-market Bluetooth Interface available for many MOST-bus vehicles which now includes a secondary dedicated Digital Signal Processor for handling MOST audio. All M2 Connect products now ship with A2DP as standard across all vehicles in true stereo audio as well as displaying song titles, artist and album info coupled with track control capability

It allows the use of the vehicle's factory controls and display unit to control and browse the telephone book and call lists of your mobile phone.  By utilizing Parrot Bluetooth Technology, mObridge offers Best-In-Class telephone support with greater than 1000 supported devices.

Easy vehicle selection with DIP switches the product also contains USB for software updates as well as 1A phone charging.

Supported Mercedes Vehicles are:

Boxster (2003-2005)

Cayman (2003-2005)

Cayenne (2003-2010)

996 / 997 (911 all) (2003-2009)

Display text on PCM radios only. CD changer can not be retained and cars may need programming if no CD changer present.Compatible with:- PCM up to 2.1

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Installation available in So. CA

General MOST install instructions included by not vehicle specific.


Warranty Information

14 month Mobridge warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review