Mobridge MOST DA1

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Product Overview

The mObridge Digital Pre-Amplifier is a revolutionary method of integrating high-end aftermarket audio components with the factory radio.
The DA1 replaces the factory amplifier and eliminates the need for high to low voltage converters and or summing devices. Simply disconnecting the optical cables from
the factory amplifier, and inserting them directly into the DA1, will provide 2-channels (stereo) of full range, ultra clean, digital audio output. This digital output can be transferred to an aftermarket Digital Sound Processor, or directly into an amplifier, via a standard TOSLINK cable.
The mObridge DA1 interprets many of the factory radio commands eliminating the need for an external volume control knob.
Its DSP processor will decipher and control volume, treble, mid-bass, bass, subwoofer, and balance functions of the factory radio.
Note: This product should be used when running an external processor and not the DA2 as the DA2 does not contain a digital output.  The DA1 has the graphic equalizer disabled for BMW vehicles and this equates to more volume whereas the DA2 has less volume as it has it's graphic equalizer enabled.  When a DA2 is used in conjunction with an external processor via the low level RCA analog connections, which also has a graphic equalizer, the overall volume is too low which has resulted in installers trying to compensate by increasing the amplifier gain which also increases the amplifier noise floor to an unacceptable level.
Aston Martin Note: DA1, DA2 & DA3 products are special order from the factory.  The standard DA series does not contain the ability to be used in the Aston Martin cars!
  • Allows any aftermarket amplifier with a TOSLINK digital input to be connected.
  • Seamlessly integrates into the vehicle's MOST network.
  • Operates in the digital domain, so there is no unwanted harmonic distortions or noise.
  • No need to cut into the vehicle's wiring to access the audio signal.
  • No need for analogue HI to LO converters.
  • Complete control over Bass, Treble, Balance & Volume.
  • Utilizes state of the art, powerful 300MHz digital signal processor.

Please confirm vehicle compatibility prior to ordering.

Kit Includes:

  • ECU
  • Optical Cable Connection
  • Power Loom
  • User Manual
  • MOST Installation Guide

Warranty Information

14 month manufacture warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review