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K40 RL360i


The K40 RL360i is the only radar and laser protection system in the world that is fully customized for your automobile and the way you drive. The RL360i, when combined with  the Laser Defuser g5, provides you with:

  • Four concealed receivers
  • Hundreds of customizable permutations

Simply put, it is the most advanced radar and laser protection system on the market today!

Also available, the RL200i. A single, concealed, forward facing radar receiving system.
The RL200i model comes with the same guarantees as the RL360i.


360º Force Field of Protection

The K40 RL360i Radar Detection system, combined with the Laser Defuser g5, gives you total protection from every kind of police radar and laser used today.  From the front, the rear and the sides, the K40 RL360i is a virtual Force Field of protection. 

Discreet, Custom Installation

Your K40 Remote installed radar systems are installed by a master technician, ensuring that your system not only matches your driving style, but is discreetly and elegantly integrated into your vehicle's cockpit.