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Nice Promotional article here published about us from my Buddy at eMerchant in Irvine!


A Message from the CEO

Dear Merchants,

eMerchant, Inc. celebrated it's 12 year anniversary earlier this year and our philosophy remains the same as it always has -- Great rates, Concierge style service and to hold the utmost integrity. We haven't always been perfect for our merchants but we will continue to strive to be. Our goal is to impress.

eMerchant acts as a merchant advocate and provides the following solutions by assisting and directing you to our credible partners for your business needs such as: credit card processing, eCommerce gateways, eCommerce carts, order managers, warehouse managers, channel managers, fraud prevention, email services, web design, SEO services, cash advances, eCheck services, retail POS, Smart Cart terminals, gift cards, wireless solutions and same as cash financing for your customers. If you're looking for business solutions, contact us!


William Dumont

Merchant Spotlight:

Is your business prepared with a reliable form of backup communications in case of an emergency? This month's Merchant Spotlight features Custom Cellular Concepts (CCC), a Master Agent with Globalstar. Globalstar is a leading provider of reliable satellite communications, based out of Covington, Louisiana. Currently, the product offerings are portable, fixed wireless and a new satellite hotspot - which allows you to use your smartphone.

CCC has been offering Globalstar's products and services for over 12 years. Founded by Bill Perkoski in 1987, CCC has offered all of the wireless carriers over the years but has found his niche in providing Reliable Emergency Backup Communications to businesses, governments and first responders. "Many business owners are preparing their organization with a 'Business Continuity' plan which ensures that an organization's business functions will continue to operate despite serious disasters, emergencies or incidents. We are providing one key solution of their plan with satellite communications", says Bill.

Satellite phones provide dependable communications, especially when cell service becomes unpredictable in the wake of a fire, storm or earthquake due to damaged cell towers and overloaded bandwidth. Globalstar satellite communications can provide:

  • Smartphone connectivity via Wi-Fi to Globalstar's NEW Satellite hotspot
  • Fixed wireless PBX backup communications with battery backup in the event of landline failure.
  • Dedicated voice and data connection via satellite with laptop connectivity
  • Local US number availability with global coverage in over 100 countries
  • Compact, reliable & lightweight portable satellite phones with crystal clear voice quality

"The ideal plan entails a fixed unit at corporate HQ and portable units with their key company individuals. This ensures the ability to communicate satellite to satellite and not rely on someone else's network", says Bill.

CCC currently has a 50% off promotion of portable satellite phones. The portable GSP-1700 is only $249 after a $250 mail in rebate and includes home and car chargers. The fixed wireless GSP-2900 (for indoor use) is now only $1249 and comes in 20' 30' or 55' antenna cable lengths. The newest satellite hot spot (Sat-fi) is now discounted to $749. The Sat-Fi allows for a user to connect with their smartphone via Wi-Fi to transmit voice, text and email via satellite. Pricing plans start at $24.99/ month with 10 minutes or $300 annually with 120 minutes. Unlimited is also available at $149.99/ month or $1800 annually. Plans include voice and data.

"When we realized the value and importance of what CCC is offering, we decided to purchase a couple for our Corporate office," says Bill Dumont, CEO and founder of Emerchant.

A special "Emergency Package" for Emerchant's Merchants includes the GSP-1700 with watertight Pelican case, home & car chargers and USB data cable for only $579 with no activation fee and free shipping! Order your special "Emergency Package" here or call 877-250-9019 and CCC can custom tailor a package for your needs. Visit us at our website!

Featured Article

8 Thanksgiving Day Social-media Promotional Ideas

Paul Chaney | PracticalEcommerce

With attention turned to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

promotions, some retailers might overlook the ecommerce benefits Thanksgiving Day has to offer.

Considering the fact that, according to comScore, Thanksgiving online purchases in 2013 climbed 21 percent over the previous year, merchants may want to reconsider their position.

In 10 Tips for Using Social Media in Holiday Ecommerce Marketing, I shared ideas for utilizing social media during the holidays more generally. Today, I want to hone in on eight low-cost ways to leverage social specifically for Thanksgiving.

1. Communicate on Social Media with Customers about Thanksgiving

Spend some time Thanksgiving Day chatting with your customers on Facebook and Twitter about what Thanksgiving means to them. Ask customers what they are thankful for, and share your gratitude with them and for them.

2. Make It Thanksgiving 'Week'

Schedule a series of social posts for publishing each day during the week of Thanksgiving. Use tools like Canva and Pixlr to create graphics that accompany the posts. (BrainyQuotes is a handy resource to find quotes you can include in posts and on graphics.)

3. Engage with Thanksgiving Events

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade presents an excellent opportunity to interact with others in a live social conversation on Twitter. It is also an opportunity to promote your products via creative tweets accompanied by brand-relevant hashtags.

College football, another Thanksgiving Day tradition, is a time when in-state rivals vie for bragging rights for another year. If you plan to watch the big game, use it as an excuse to tactfully promote your brand through the company Twitter channel and Facebook page.

4. Get a Jumpstart on Black Friday Sales

Previously, I mentioned the comScore report citing growth in sales on Thanksgiving. With more and more brands starting Black Friday sales sooner, those numbers are likely to climb. Consider jumping on the bandwagon and kickoff your Black Friday promotional efforts early, as well.

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Vendor Spotlight:

Let's make this as simple to digest as possible... you've probably worked with many marketing professionals and have either fell in love with their work or simply ran for the hills! Let us introduce a marketing team based in Los Angeles whom you'll love and who also love clients from California, the rest of the U.S. and globally!

A Culture is required to ACCEPT CHANGE! Everyday in this era of digital marketing things are changing and they are changing fast! Don't shoot the messenger, i.e.; your marketing professional. The good ones will relay the changes and it is up to you as a CEO or business owner to embrace the facts. The key here is do you have that messenger - your marketing professional?

Did you know?

1. As of this minute you can be empowered to track the behavior(s) of your potential buyer through the internet and entice them to be your client without stalking them.

2. What about giving your sales team warm leads? Yup, this applies to b2b companies too! Instead of buying "dead end" databases, you could be sending the sales team qualified warm leads.

3. Entice, delight and charm existing customers automatically without stalking them to come back over and over again. Why would you not do this? Say good bye to direct mail marketing or telemarketing.

If you are intrigued and want to know more, Iffel International provides custom solutions for all of the above. We are a full service marketing department and we keep up with new trends but apply traditional marketing to each and every case to ensure the rudiments of marketing and sales are not forgotten. If you want to jump on an exciting journey to grow your business, we will not only build your website(s) but will create solutions using cutting edge technology in online marketing.

We have had to accept change and bow to the powers that be in the world of internet marketing. Let us help you get on board with the culture of change, a culture of always being a front runner as opposed to a follower in this era of digital marketing.

For more information contact: CEO Hema Dey, hema@iffelinternational.com