Globalstar GSP-2900 Fixed Phone

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Product Overview

The versatile GSP-2900 offers superior quality voice and data capabilities. Personnel can keep in contact with co-workers, manage projects and maintain efficiency from their
remote site by using the GSP-2900's voice components. With the GSP-2900 Fixed Phone you can also communicate with monitoring devices to track equipment in remote locations. Remote Terminated Data gives customers an easy and convenient way to dial up to a remote site and monitor or reset equipment without
deploying field service staff. It’s like being onsite without leaving the office. A wireless solution for providing the "last mile" of connectivity with the telephone network, Globalstar allows you to get more done in remote areas. Ideal for installation in maritime or other extreme weather environments, the GSP-2900 fixed phone allows for mounting the sensitive phone components in a protected area while mounting the antenna outside (with a clear line of sight to the satellites). This allows for operation in temperatures between -40F to 185F. The GSP-2900 uses the same 22"H x 1"W stick antenna that comes with a GSP-2900, but is modified for mounting. Cabling from the antenna to the phone unit is available in 20, 30 and 55-foot lengths. All other features are identical to the GSP-2900.

The GSP-2900 Fixed Phone contains all the RF and digital electronics required for communications over the Globalstar satellite network. The fixed unit provides a RJ-11 phone connector and a 12 VDC power input. The Fixed Phone is mounted at a convenient outdoor location with a clear view of the sky and is then connected to the deskset through the junction box. The roof mounted Fixed Phone unit provides communication in typical environmental climates. Once connected to standard indoor telephone equipment, you now have access to the rich feature set of services offered by the Globalstar satellite system. Globalstar provides cost-effective interconnection to the telephone network for the unserved population in urban and rural areas.


• Supports up to 800 ft (244 m) telephone cable
• Supports up to 450 ft (137 m) data cable (cat.5)
• Connect multiple telephone sets
• Works with standard phone equipment including cordless telephones and answering machines (sold separately)
• Can be interfaced as a trunk line for phone switches – key system or PBX
• Data capable (optional Data Kit required)


Through the GSP-2900 Fixed Phone, Globalstar offers efficient and reliable 9600 bps data services.
Subscribers can access data services through the Globalstar network or through direct dial-up services from
virtually anywhere in the world. Using the data cable to connect the Fixed Phone to a computer’s RS232
port, sending and receiving information has never been easier. The Globalstar Data Kit (not included)
includes a software CD and cable for installation and use.


The GSP-2900 is an excellent choice for data applications where a voice component is also required.


• Junction Box
• Power/Telephone Cable
• Power Supply
• Battery Back-Up
• Mounting Bracket
• North American Power Cord
• User Manual
• Optional Accessories (not included) – remote antenna options, 50 ft (15 m) data cable with junction box

Remote antenna options includes a "Low Profile", "Stick", "Mini-Stick" and Mini-Stick with marine enclosure. Cabling from the antenna to the phone unit is available in 20, 30 and 55-foot lengths. All other features are identical to the GSP-2900.

This antenna configuration is best for tropical or northern zone installations, such as Florida, the Caribbean or Alaska.

(14 Day Lead Time on antenna extensions)

Warranty Information

One year manufacture's warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review